Thursday Thoughts - Episode 20
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TT#20 – Adobe TCS, RR, AR, TDW-Live and S1000D A2Z

Thursday Thoughts (TT#20) – another recording of our weekly news round up from the world of tech data.

In the industry news this week:

We looked at Adobe and their announcement of dropping support for various operating systems. What does this mean for those on legacy operating systems?  Adobe just released an urgent fix to the Creative Cloud desktop application to solve a security flaw that was discovered.

The UK has ring-fenced almost £100m to develop its own satellite capability should the BREXIT negotiations fail to deliver a solution on the Galileo project.

Rolls-Royce look to be staying in London and sub-letting office space from a major UK newspaper.

The big news of the week is the launch of the Magic Leap Augmented Reality headset, a truly amazing and fascinating ‘leap’ forward in the technology of Augmented Reality headsets. Why did I get all excited about this technology? Watch now to find out what these headsets mean for AR in our sector and all the naysayers will need to rethink their defensive positions.

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In the TDW News This Week:

  • This week we released our “B’s” of our A2Z of S1000D Series, we looked at everything from Business Rules to Buzz-Word-BS’ers – you can watch this video now over on our S1000DWorld website. Don’t forget to send in what you would include in our A2Z of S1000D series – email Mike directly.
  • Mike went ‘Live’ on Sunday with a special guest – the aim was to look at the Adobe TCS 2019 and specifically the new features in Adobe FrameMaker 2019 – Watch Now
  • Our Technical Communication in Aerospace, Defence and Space course – we will publish the first six lessons on Monday AM – all TD-iQ subscribers will be able to access these lessons as part of your subscription via your dashboard

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Question this week:

When will the TDW-Live agenda be published? – full answer in the video

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