About TDW

At Tech Data World (TDW) we have been working with the production and delivery of technical information to support complex aerospace, defence and space platforms for over 20 years. Our mission is to make the art of technical information core to your business and our vision is that the traditional technical publications image is changed to be modern and fresh, encouraging fresh talent and know-how into our market.

These three components of our corporate mantra leaves our customers safe in the knowledge that we have no interest other than making our clients successful with their technical information strategies, implementations and deliveries. – Michael Ingledew – Managing Director and Founder of Tech Data World

At TDW we advise organisations on the how-too’s of specifications and standards, how to select the right software, how to implement a technical information strategy and supporting those needing to acquire information assets from third parties.

At TDW we live under the simple mantra – Independent, Agnostic, Advice & Guidance to the aerospace, defence and space technical information specialists

Not just words!

These are all nice words, but what do we truly believe in?

Independent – from software supplier and vendor – we have no software tools, nor do we provide technical information production services. What we do do is advise our clients who are the best suppliers in the market for their specific business need, be it software and/or services

Agnostic – from specifications, standards and approach – we have used specifications and standards for years and they are not a one-size-fits-all approach. Correct and appropriate implementation and use of standards and specifications is vital to any technical information strategy. At TDW we have rescued many projects from disaster when it comes to specifications and standards

Advice & Guidance – based on our years of experience working around the globe supporting the aerospace, defence and space sectors means we have true deep domain knowledge that our customers can lean on.