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Welcome to the all new online version of the TDW Magazine, a huge thank you to all of the vendors and contributors of this magazine! It is because of these contributions we can now make this magazine available for free online!

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    Mike Ingledew

    A trained aircraft engineer (rotorcraft), I entered in to the field of technical information writing S1000D data modules on a major European military platform.

    After a series of high profile project roles and the privilege of supporting clients worldwide, I ended my 'employed' career at a subsidiary of Boeing Aircraft after I decided to leave and focus on TDW full-time.

    From my time supporting clients worldwide, I could see that there was a market need for an independent organisation that could be a trusted advisory source for those needing to implement successful technical information strategies.

    I am passionate about the art of technical communications and the process, software and skills needed in our market.

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