Q4 Magazine (Winter Issue) – from a complaint from Dr Grumpy through to AI in Tech Pubs – what are we seeing at Tech Data World?

We are delighted that this week we published the online issue of the TDW Magazine. Our final issue from the 2018 series of magazine. You can read the magazine online now for FREE.

Q4 Magazine
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What’s inside the Q4 Magazine (winter) issue?

A bumper issue featuring:

  • STE do you need software?
  • TDW-Live#8 – a Review and round-up
  • AI in Technical Publications (Tech Talk)
  • The Big Question – is your supplier holding you back?
  • Dr Grumpy sends in a letter of complaint – responding to Peter Perfect (Autumn Issue)
  • A Tale of Two Platforms
  • The ShipDex viewer

Thanks to everyone who contributed the Q4 Magazine:

  • ASN GmbH
  • DCS Sonovision
  • CDS Defence Support
  • Adobe Technical Communication Suite
  • Etteplan
  • Raytheon Software
  • WebX Systems

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Mike Ingledew

A trained aircraft engineer (rotorcraft), I entered in to the field of technical information writing S1000D data modules on a major European military platform.

After a series of high profile project roles and the privilege of supporting clients worldwide, I ended my 'employed' career at a subsidiary of Boeing Aircraft after I decided to leave and focus on TDW full-time.

From my time supporting clients worldwide, I could see that there was a market need for an independent organisation that could be a trusted advisory source for those needing to implement successful technical information strategies.

I am passionate about the art of technical communications and the process, software and skills needed in our market.

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