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If you still want to receive technical information updates from us here at Tech Data World - here is what you need to do:

A message from Mike Ingledew:

Last week my team reminded you to resubscribe to our mailing list, hundreds have done so, but we are reminding you that in THREE days time we will be REMOVING those who have not resubscribed to our list - we are doing this to conform with the new GDPR regulations about to hit the streets of Europe!

GDPR regulations mean we must receive your consent to continue to communicate with you, to help you understand GDPR we have created a two-part vLog to explain what GDPR is and how GDPR will affect technical publications.

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Some subscribers have notified TDW that this link is not working in some browsers - if you are one of the unlucky ones, head to our website and you will spot the GDPR tutorial. If your browser or IT policy blocks Java Script you may have issues resubscribing, if you fall into this category please email and we can manually add you to the list, but we still need your consent to do so.

Many thanks and I hope you like what we are doing enough to stick with us!

All the very best from us here at Tech Data World

Mike (Ingledew)