Flatirons Jouve Presents: Why your production focus is falling short.

When we produce technical information, we spend enormous amounts of effort, energy and project budget focusing on the information production process. We must comply with multiple rules, specifications, standards, guidelines, style-guides, illustrations guides, the list goes on and on! Add in to the mix that our source data may be from various suppliers and contributors all having to meet their own production formulae!

But is there a better way?

Is there a way we can balance this equation, if we changed the focus of this production biased equation on the needed result, do we see a larger ROI?

Join us at TDW-Live this year where we will demonstrate how a slight change in focus will deliver real, measurable ROI and we balance the technical publications equation.

Unable to come to TDW-Live? Why not join us online?

Mike Ingledew

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