Thursday Thoughts Episode 10 – Tech Comm Training, S1000D RPC, troubled project, BAE Systems and more

Thursday Thoughts - Tech Comm Training
Thursday Thoughts Episode #10 – Watch on YouTube

An all new look to the Thursday thoughts that included, Tech Comm Training, Microsoft Sharepoint, Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Galileo Project, and a troubled defence project(?) and more all make an appearance in this weeks Thursday Thoughts from Tech Data World.

Rolls-Royce this week were announced to head a new £2.8BN government initiative as well as announcing a new hybrid train on the beautiful lake Konstanz and a new Customer Services centre in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

For a second week in a row we mention the troubled Galileo project and what may happen going forward, US Army new $600m project, UTC with their InteliSight tool and the latest features announced. BAE Systems and the Sea 5000 project bid also make the TDW highlights this week.

I am so looking forward to formally launching our online tech comm training in aerospace and defence next week! Four years in the making and we are ready to hit the go button! Follow all our social channels to hear about it first hand! – Mike

The TDW news included Rheinmetall Technical Publications renewing their support for Tech Data World, our latest Podcast (Why Technical Publications is going mainstream), our newest TD-iQ tutorial looking at the role of the S1000D RPC. Mike mentioned GDPR for the LAST time and a flurry of registrants for TDWLive sees Day One almost full already!

Questions we answered this week:

  • Your site is in USD I need a quote in GBP.. (why we use USD for membership)
  • When will GDPR Part Two be available?
  • When will your Technical Communication Course you mentioned a couple of weeks ago be available?
  • Why do you not place all of your content on YouTube?
  • Can you turn Thursday Thoughts into a podcast?

News items mentioned during this Episode:

RTP-UK renews support for Tech Data World

Want to learn more about how you can join Tech Data World see our plans page, if you would like to see more of the content we produce take a look at TD-iQ.

TDWLive – reminder to book your space NOW to avoid missing out on Day One (Workshop Day) – more details or email us at

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Mike Ingledew

A trained aircraft engineer (rotorcraft), I entered in to the field of technical information writing S1000D data modules on a major European military platform.

After a series of high profile project roles and the privilege of supporting clients worldwide, I ended my 'employed' career at a subsidiary of Boeing Aircraft after I decided to leave and focus on TDW full-time.

From my time supporting clients worldwide, I could see that there was a market need for an independent organisation that could be a trusted advisory source for those needing to implement successful technical information strategies.

I am passionate about the art of technical communications and the process, software and skills needed in our market.

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