Aspire ILS workshop

This week we were supporting Aspire Consulting who were hosting a workshop for the UK MoD on the wider subject of ILS (Integrated Logistics Support).

The role of TDW was to help Aspire deliver a successful, informative and valuable workshop.

With over 40 delegates registered ranging from project leads and ILS Managers, the day was exceptionally well received. All delegates were treated to free copies of the TDW magazine as well as some nice freebies.

Subjects that were covered fell into data capture, analytics, manipulation and distribution.

The aim was to introduce affordable technology to the audience answering questions the delegates had along the way.

Presentations included:

• The digital pen
• Mobile data capture
• Data manipulation and understanding databases
• Data analytics
• Augmented Reality – A Use Case
• Technology in Action
• Reducing the cost of FF (No Fault Found).

In this weeks video we have a summary of the day, if you would like to watch any of the presentations in full then please contact Member Services.


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