Thursday Thoughts – Question and Answers

Thursday Thoughts – Question and Answers – In our first Thursday Thoughts streamed LIVE to our Facebook page Mike looks at a number of key topics around technical communication in the aerospace and defence sector today.

Mike gave some examples of the types of questions we get in at TDW, how you can submit your questions and what will be coming up in the next few weeks from TDW. Thursday Thoughts

Updates included, PODCAST#3 – Why you must continue to learn, our new Instagram page, our recent TD-iQ presentation on the five top things we look for when selecting software/service providers and the main news this week the Red Arrows inquest.

Looking at the harsh reality of when technical publications/information goes wrong. The recent inquest in the UK where a specific contributing factor leading to an accident, resulting in operator death, was the lack of information. Mike explained that he plans to produce a full vLog/article on this specific subject.

During the question and answers section, Mike talks about why he decided at this stage not to pursue a formal relationship with the ISTC, but does explain which organisations TDW is aligned with and why they fit better with what TDW is doing.

The questions Mike answered in this episode of Thursday Thoughts were the most common, none technical, questions we get around TDW and what we do:

  • Do you plan to include a recruitment arm in TDW services?
  • What happened to our newsletters?
  • Are you aligned with the ISTC?
  • Do you plan to do more software related tutorials?

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