Putting the LIVE into TDW-Live! 

This year will see the 7th year of our leading annual conference TDW-Live and one of the things that has been on our agenda (no pun intended) for some time was to live-stream elements of the conference to our TD-iQ subscribers as part of their subscription.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have either the time or budget to attend these type of events so we are bringing the event to you, well our valued TD-iQ subscribers anyway! Therefore at TDW we have invested in technology that will allow us to live-stream high quality content direct to our TD-iQ platform.

If you are a TD-iQ subscriber with a current and valid subscription at the time of TDW-Live#7, we will be beaming Day 2 of the conference via a live-stream to the TD-iQ learning portal. This means you can enjoy Day 2 (Practitioners Day Track 1 – Technical Publications) from the comfort of your own desk as part of your subscription!

If you are not yet a TD-iQ subscriber and would like more information on how you can join us, then please EMAIL us or complete the contact form on this website.

At TDW we plan to bring you many live events and all the time you are a TD-iQ subscriber you will enjoy the benefits of virtually being there with us!

Mike Ingledew

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