Creating an S1000D DMRL from Legacy Documents – 17th April 3PM UK

In this LIVE course we will look at the processes you need to go through in order to define an S1000D DMRL from legacy information.

Join me on this interactive course LIVE

Students will learn:

  • The process and tools used when defining an S1000D DMRL from a legacy manual
  • Defining an S1000D DMRL from an ATA 100 CMM
  • Codification of individual modules
  • How these modules are then brought back together to create a technical manual

All students will be able to ask questions during the course and download project example files before course start.

TD-iQ subscribers will be able to enrol on the course one week before course start – none-subscribers may contact TDW to learn how you can join this online and interactive course.

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